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What is all this garbage about Goodreads not allowing us to talk about the authors in our reviews??? I mean, excuse me, but sometimes knowing the author has a LOT to do with my opinion of a book. Knowing why they put something in a book, if it was plagiarism, it DOESN’T MATTER if I enjoyed it or not, because they STOLE it. WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED to let other people know about this stuff! WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED to say that we won’t support plagiarism - but because plagiarism has something to do with the author’s behavior, it’ll be deleted if we write about it? What the heck???

And for those authors who yell at their readers and tell them they’re stupid? Now it’s against Goodreads policy to create a bookshelf saying “don’t like the author” or even something ambiguous like “due to author”? If the author’s behavior impacts my impression of the book, you can be darned sure that I WILL MENTION IT.

And what about those reviews that mention the author in a positive light? I’ll bet they aren’t deleting those. Goodreads is sucking up to the authors now and I hate it. -__-

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